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Thanks America.

Welcome in Italy, please spend 5 minutes with us, reading this message. We want to share novels and poetry with all the world. If you have any story or any poem please send us.( ).

We respect you

"After all, life is just an invitation to dinner. I knocked, softly, almost afraid that someone could hear. Then somebody opened. Please, let me sit at your table, I shall not annoy, I promise. I shall listen to everything you will say and I shall learn from your words. And if you would care to listen to me, I shall tell you something too.

However I did not find the colors to paint my world and somebody told me that it does not exist and that, narrating it, I disturbed his certitudes. But it exists. And I go out again through that door and I shall find another table and thus I would not have to ask the permission to sit around, to listen and to narrate.
And nobody will tell me that my world does not exist, that my voice confused other people’s voice.
It will be a concert and I shall sing too."

Well, let's drop poetry, how many times we felt strangers for various reasons of incapacity to communicate and how many times we hoped that somebody would ask us to speak and how many times we found in front of us people who listened to their voices only and praised the silence of other people's voice?

And how many times we thought how absurd this is and we asked to ourselves where finally we could meet somebody who considered that voice is music?
In the life as on the internet.

Yes, because, theoretically, the internet is reproducing the same questions as life outside internet. And when that we are told, should we be obliged to nod as if it were obvious and acceptable?
Then, in the silence of our mind, we would ask to ourselves what is the use of a internet to which we came close as to a means of transmission of knowledge and nourishing doubts, a place where curiosity should be the spring to meet the others.

The goal of our website will be to attract not only people proposing themselves with spontaneity, but also people believing that their voices are not important, that their thoughts will not have memory at that it is better to keep silent to avoid to be silenced.

Our experiment will consist in offering an area where our guests will be more important than the masters of the house who, with kindness and curiosity, will have the task to find and to invite to write the hidden voices.

Welcome to our table, where we believe that voices are precious and thoughts have memory.

Concerto di sogni, Concert of dreams

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