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 Judisches Museum Berlin
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Pamela Lawi

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The Jewish Museum of Berlin (Judisches Museum Berlin)

This is one of the most known Jewish Museums in the world. It has the goal to stress the relationship between Jews and non Jews in Germany and the two cultures.
The museum is formed by two buildings, the old collegium is the only entrance and leads into the new Libeskind building throught three Axis which rappresents jews' choices and history.
The Axis of Continuity is the main one bringing to the exhibition, from it the Axis of Exile and Axis of Holocaust are branching off.
The Jewish Museum offers an extraordinary collections of objects, photos, films, many installations, pieces of contemporary art,
there is a Library with a Learning center, the Leo Baeck Institute archive and a restaurant shop.

Here I meet Yael, 22 years old, Interior Designer, Hamburg

Why is this museum so special in Berlin?
The architecture, the way how the museum appears to the visitors, moreover the concept of design is particular because there is a special interaction between people and objects, people have to push, pull, read, listen, smell... for having the information, it is a typical american system where the visitors are active and it is the only museum here to have this interactivity.

And what about the architecture?
The museum has two buildings very different one from the other, the first is an old collegium in barroque style and the second is the new famous one of Daniel Libeskind. This is a very modern building with a strange shape, there are a lot of interpretations about it : for someone it is a broken Magen David (star of David), for others a Thunder.
There are two lines, one broken in many fragments and one tortuous, the windows are oblique and have different shapes, every colour or material have a different meaning.
The structure of the building is very simbolic, you do not need to have a text with information because the architecture allows you to know and feel what it has to say. The way to tell things is different.

What do you do here in the museum?
I worked as assistant of the project manager, you have here in the museum the normal exhibitions and three rooms that change exhibits and places for temporary showing too.

Are you in contact with the visitors?
Not really, I am more in the office but here you have a lot of tourists, most of them from Germany, it is intresting that here you can have special guides with specials programs and visits for children, architects, pregnant woman.....
You have so much information, maybe too much and you choose where and what to pick up, but the most important thing is the originality of the way you do it.

New projects?
Top Segret................... hmm... I will do something for the Museum, but I do not know more at the moment.

Berlin is a city that offers much in architectural buildings and design...
The designers design and produce the interior of the rooms and the objects,but the architects project the buildings, they are two different things.
Berlin was really touched by the wars, a big part of the city is new and you have strange buildings built with special materials, for exemple the glass which is typical of Germany and near the new ones you have the old buildings or in some place you see that a building is missing and you feel it as an empty space but the new is always oriented to the past which is always present.

Pamela Lawi - Arts and Leisure - Concerto News System @2004

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