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 Dear Friend
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Inserito - 29/01/2002 :  16:54:53  Mostra Profilo  Visita la Homepage di Simo  Replica con Citazione Invia un Messaggio Privato a Simo
Dear Friend,
it often happens that a pen flies into your hand and starts moving on a piece of paper, writing symbols as expressions of emotions.
A feeling of friendship is ruling me tonight.
I feel like expressing it and my pen slides on the white easily, as if it already had all these thoughts inside and needed to spread them as soon as possible.
My dearest, you make me behave like that. You are the one who fills my heart (or my life?) tonight. Since I met you, you have entered me: itís almost as if you were part of me. Donít you know that a good amount of my everyday minutes belongs to you. Who knows, if I am as important for you as you are for me? You donít know, but so many times I went on only because of you. Yes, I know, maybe I would have continued the same, but, I mean, your presence has made times shorter.
Iím deeply fond of you and I get everyday happier for this feeling. How nice being friends!!!
Iíd love to tell you everything , just everything about me. Telling you my joys, my fears, my hopes, among which I underline that of never losing you. Sometimes, in front of time, Iím afraid I canít succeed, I canít be up to you, I canít deserve you.
I donít believe itís an inferiority sensation: no. I know Iím clever in my field, too. I mostly believe itís a fear I could disappoint you, maybe in a silly way.
I could hurt you, maybe pulling your leg too much or I could answer you back in one of my several moments of tiredness.
Little gestures like these could create a too big gap between us. You could not find the strength to react and, erring for pride, I could not beg your pardon.
Well, I do it now, for all the past times andÖ ahÖ for the coming ones!
What I wish to tell you is that I am really fond of you, of your closeness, of your friendship.
I love you too much and I canít think of a life without you, without our meetings, our being together, our phone calls. Yes, I really think we are growing up together and I must say Iím happy for that.
Now I leave, inviting you to collect all my affection for you and for your moments of despondency and sadness, I can only wish you that thinking of me (or talking with me) can help and support you as my thinking of you helps and supports me.
I hug you tight.
With friendship


Edited by - simo on 29/01/2002 16:58:08

Edited by - simo on 29/01/2002 17:00:10

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